Asahikawa Ryukoku High School

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5-4 Toyooka, Asahikawa, Hokkaido 078-8235 Japan

Educational institution ASAHIKAWA RYUKOKU GAKUEN

School Motto

Heart and Harmony,
based on Buddhist values

Educational Goals

  1. To promote a humble and grateful attitude
  2. To develop a wholesome personality
  3. To revere social justice
  4. To encourage a spirit of independence

Principal's Welcome

Our students can study thoroughly in a safe educational environment.

I think it very important that students have a warm relationship not only among them but also between students and teachers.

We encourage our students to enjoy studying and club activities. My basic idea about education is "For the students".

Toshimitsu Onodera

School Description (As of April, 2013)

Teachers: 53
Students: 546

International Exchange

Asahikawa Ryukoku High School gives opportunities to join in International Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

Three courses

Asahikawa Ryukoku High School has three courses:

  1. Special Advanced Course
  2. Selected Progress Course
  3. Career Design Course

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