Asahikawa Ryukoku High School

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5-4 Toyooka, Asahikawa, Hokkaido 078-8235 Japan

Educational institution ASAHIKAWA RYUKOKU GAKUEN

School Motto

Heart and Harmony,
based on Buddhist values

Educational Goals

  1. To promote a humble and grateful attitude
  2. To develop a wholesome personality
  3. To revere social justice
  4. To encourage a spirit of independence

School Description (As of April, 2013)

Teachers: 53
Students: 546

International Exchange

Asahikawa Ryukoku High School gives opportunities to join in International Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

Three courses

Asahikawa Ryukoku High School has three courses:

  1. Special Advanced Course
  2. Selected Progress Course
  3. Career Design Course

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